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Not everyone is completely happy with the person they see when they look in the mirror. You might be one of these people, and you might wonder “what can I do to be the person I want to be?” Sometimes the person you feel like on the inside just doesn’t match up with the person you are on the outside.  There are actually a lot of options out there for cosmetic surgery, some of which heal within a simple few days. You might be wondering what they are, but that’s why we’ve broken down all the available options just for you. It’s actually never been easier to show the world who you really are with these common surgeries!

plastic surgery body


There are a number of very common plastic surgeries nowadays that are routine for surgeons everywhere, with lipoplasty, otherwise known as body sculpting, being one of them. If you’re looking to remove those stubborn “love handles,” “saddle bags,” or other pockets of fat around your body that just make you feel less than beautiful, lipoplasty is the best way to do this. The surgeon can vacuum the fat out, and within a few days, there should really be only slight numbness and bruising, and you might even be well enough to return to work soon.

Eyelid Surgery

Those creams to help with the bags beneath your eyes might not be working, but eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, can remove bagginess and loose skin around the eyelids by getting rid of extra fat, muscle, and skin. You might want to hold onto those cosmetic creams in your medicine cabinet though, since this surgery doesn’t remove wrinkle lines. Unlike lipoplasty, blepharoplasty takes a little longer to heal, and bruises, blurry vision, and dry eyes may persist for a week or longer after the surgery.

Breast Implants, Augmentation, or Breast Lifts

The idea of breast surgery is splayed all across the media, but there’s nothing wrong with a woman choosing to change the size of her breasts, as evidenced by how simple these procedures actually are. Breast implants or augmentation are basically saline bags that are put in between your chest muscles and chest wall to increase the size of your breasts. After only a day or two, feel free to start walking around again, but since this surgery is a little more invasive, you shouldn’t bathe for up to a week, and returning to work or exercising might take a little more time as well. Unsurprisingly, this is the top cosmetic surgery among women despite recovery time.
If you don’t want actual breast implants though, you can also get a breast lift, which is done in order to raise and reshape sagging breasts. Just be aware that recoveries vary from a week to a month.

Nose Jobs

Nose jobs, otherwise known as rhinoplasty, are fairly common too and generally well-known by the public. It’s no wonder they’re so popular since surgeons can reshape the nose any way you’d like just by removing skin and altering the bone and cartilage. Not only this, but they can also narrow the nostrils and change the angle between the nose and the lip. Just make sure to stay put for a few days after, and be aware that the first three days have the worst bruising and swelling. In only three weeks, you should be completely ready to go again though! If you’re a guy, this surgery is fairly common amongst men too, so don’t buy into the idea that cosmetic surgery is only for women!


As you get older, there is any number of problems you might want to fix about your appearance. There’s no problem with aging, but there’s also no problem with showing the world exactly how young you are! A facelift is especially popular for the aging population, as it stretches the skin up to tighten and smooth it and get rid of sagging or wrinkles. Nothing is actually being “raised” per se, but like other surgeries, fat and muscles are tightened for you. There might be bruising or swelling, or even numbness of the face after, but in a few weeks your symptoms should disappear, and in only two weeks it’ll be easy to get back into your everyday routine.


The best way to describe common botox injections is that they’re something like a paralytic for the muscles in your forehead that will smooth out frown lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Remember that eyelid surgery doesn’t fix these wrinkles after all, but also keep in mind that you will have decreased movement in your forehead after this surgery. This surgery is perhaps the easiest to walk away from since you can get your injection and get going. Be aware however that every three to four months, you’ll need to get injected again if you want the results to persist.


For our final common surgery, we have liposuction. In liposuction, fat is removed with the help of a vacuum-like device. It’s slightly similar to lipoplasty in that it’s meant to re-sculpt the body, but generally liposuction is used in a wider variety of areas, and it not just for body sculpting. Liposuction is done often on the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, and even upper arms, mostly on women, but on some men too. It might take up for a month to recover, but possibly even longer for the swelling to go down after.

You might sometimes look in the mirror and not like the person who looks back at you. You don’t need to force yourself to be content with your appearance when there are many common surgeries available to you. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your appearance or being happy just as you are. Keep in mind the recovery times and prices, but if you’re not completely satisfied with yourself, looking into cosmetic surgery just might be the way to go.

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